Functionality and product performance is of upmost importance to us, ensuring all of our products go through the necessary quality control procedures.

We are a reliable one-stop partner; supporting our customers from initial concept and design through to sampling development and the final stages of quality control and product testing.

Our well trained Quality Control teams share our eye for detail and precisely follow AQL standards. Throughout physical performance tests such as fastness tests, force tests etc. we ensure to follow the quality manual given. Similarly, we pay attention to the visual quality of our products – making sure the appearance of product meets the highest standard.

We guarantee our products have the correct washing and dry cleaning information and any natural colour or surface deviation is communicated clearly.

Certainly, quality assurance according to OEKO-TEX® standard is provided as well and we are certificate holders for many of our materials, such as zinc alloy, brass/copper, polyester and real leather.

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