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  • Resin-Made Awabi

  • Resin-Made Bison

  • Resin-Made Bull Horn

  • Resin-Made Colt

  • Resin-Made Corozo

  • Resin-Made Corozo Premium

  • Resin-Made Deer Horn

  • Resin-Made Goat Horn

  • Resin-Made Goat Horn Supreme

  • Resin-Made Kenya Horn

  • Resin-Made Lactic

  • Resin-Made Makassar

  • Resin-Made Marble

  • Resin-Made Milky Transparent

  • Resin-Made Nautical

  • Resin-Made Pebble

  • Resin-Made Rainbow Shell

  • Resin-Made Rosewood

  • Resin-Made Solid

  • Resin-Made Stone

We are continuously developing innovative Resin-Made products!


Resin-Made Argentina Horn is a sophisticated synthetic material and is in accordance with the highest quality standards.

This material is characterized by its very fine and elegant horn pattern and the harmonious colour appearance. With a wide range of solid colours you can find your desired style.

Resin-Made Argentina Horn can be manufactured into a variety of trims such as buttons, buckles, cord ends, stoppers, pullers, badges, decorative items and much more.


Resin-Made Argentina Horn “Selection” is probably the most indistinguishable polyester material from real horn, because of its particular 3-dimensional horn pattern and its fabulous translucence.

There is a natural glance in every button or in any of our other accessories which makes this material so unique.

Our in-house design and prototyping department enable us to implement client’s visions and to adapt efficiently to the most varied requirements and to meet the very special demands of each individual client.


This unique blend of various synthetic materials makes this Premium version of Resin-Made Argentina Horn very distinctive.

Its smoothness and appearance in colour, pattern and finish convey a natural glance.

Resin-Made Argentina Horn Premium can be finished with unique burning effects. It is of highest ecological standards and the better alternative for the ordinary urea material or other horn-urea blends.

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